• Logo Design

    Logo Design

At ProjectPal, we believe that an image is worth a thousand words. That is why our talented designers utilize their expertise to create memorable and unique brand graphics for our clients. We are committed to assisting our customers with creative brand development not only online, but also across all standard marketing channels.

Why Choose Us

The effectiveness of a website depends not only on how well it is crafted but also on powerful online market outreach. ProjectPal specializes in brand development across major social media portals, mobile design, and creating an effectual presence in search engines. We carefully work with our clients in order to find the best brand engineering approach that fits their needs.

The logo development process in ProjectPal:

  1. Brand valuation. Our first step in the logo design process is to understand what the brand represents and what the goals of the business are.
  2. Industry research. No brand exists in a vacuum. Every company has to fight against the standards of their industry, even if they do everything to stand out. So, our next step in the logo design process is to study what logos competitors and industry leaders have.
  3. Draw different logo concepts. Even if we settled on your preferred concept, we'll try to sketch out variations on it, add or remove elements, change small details, and start exploring typography.
  4. Design - we will select the best logos and digitally create them. Here we simply recreate these sketches on the computer using Adobe Illustrator and then develop several iterations of each idea to find the best one.
  5.  Prepare and submit final logo files. We will prepare all files based on what design files our client needs.

At the end of this process, our client will receive a unique logo that highlights their brand vision.